Easy Summer Cocktails For Your Next Event

Summer in New York City is great. Plenty of opportunities to eat great food, gather with friends and best of all indulge in some fun cocktails. Going to the bar is the usual option, but if you're having your own event there are really only two options. You can either hire someone or mix the cocktails on your own. Whichever you choose we've got you covered!

Cocktail catering is a convenient way to impress your guests. It might also allow you to serve a little more complex drinks at your party than those you'd mix up yourself. The best part of hiring a cocktail caterer is the fact that you don't need to clean up!

If you decide to throw a party and use your own cocktail making skills we've got some recipes for you! The following cocktails are not too difficult and will definitely impress your guests.

The following recipes were created by Igor Zukowiec, the founder of ALCHEMIQ Catering. He's teamed up with Khortytsa Vodka from Ukraine and the results are fantastic!